Nursery (6 weeks through 3 years)


The babies of each First Methodist campus receive the most loving care ever! The top-notch nursery team is paid staff who provide consistent, high quality care. Every nursery worker has undergone our rigorous MinistrySafe process to ensure the highest standards of care for our kids. The nursery team knows the routines, needs, and likes of each and every baby, the sweet bond that develops between the nursery team and the families lasts for years to come. Babies belong here.

"There are God sightings every Sunday morning as our nursery team lovingly welcomes babies and toddlers as parents attend worship and Discipleship Classes. Whether we are feeding an infant or playing picnic with the two year olds, we know that these are the first impressions children will have of church. We are grateful for this unique privilege to share the love God gives us with each child."

For more information, contact Tara Jones by email or call 254.772.5630.