On an administrative note, we have a very important project coming up this month. The database system that First Methodist has used for a long time will no longer be supported by the manufacturer. We upgraded the database to the newest version. We have decided to take this opportunity to make sure that our membership rolls are as accurate as possible. To that end, we are asking you to complete a member information form one time this month. We will email the form to you, or you can fill it out by clicking here. We also will make the form available in person during worship. After we have heard from as many people as possible through these means, we will mail a form to those we have not heard from. We will only be uploading the data we get from you during this collection time to the new database system. It is our great hope this will assist us in making sure our membership database is as accurate as possible and that each of you can receive communication in a timely way from your church . This effort will reach across all campuses. We are excited about the capabilities of the new database system, and I know you will be as well. For instance, you can choose whether you would like your information to remain private or be included in an online church directory available only to other members. The system will also allow Sunday School and Bible Study teachers to track attendance in real time online and communicate within their organizations in an efficient way. This is a big undertaking, and I hope you will take a moment to make it a little easier by taking a few minutes to share your information on our website or on the app.